Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Great Himalayan National Park(GHNP), Kullu is now a World Heritage site.

Hi, I know its not what you read in the environment Engineering classes, but this is really important for the environment Engineer to understand that our environment is safe when its ecological cycle is working and safe.

From the initial ages of our schools we have read about the interdependence of one organism to the other and then on to the various elements of the earth. Any break in our ecological cycle means the disturbance to the cycle and therefore disastrous ending of the life on the earth.
Recently I along with my colleagues and friends went to a place in the Himalayas known as Shanger, located in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh.
At the front of the Community training and Tourist Center Khopa Complex , Sainj Jeecanwala valley (GHNP)

On the way to Shanger we stopped at the Ropa service center of the GHNP(Great Himalayan National Park). This was the first time that I visited this place, it was mystical in its own manner. Place is filled with dense jungles supported on the steep mountains of the Himalayas.

I wondered how these pine trees maintain their vertical rise at such a steep mountains. The jungle supports a number of wild animals and various Himalayan shrubs with trees. If I was an animal living in that jungle, even if I was a leopard, I would have hated the density of the jungle. This was horrible.
I have seen only that part of the park, but it expands onto various mountain peaks of varying heights up to 5000 m to 6000 m heigh, and valleys of the Kullu district. There are many spots which makes it a perfect place for the trekkers and adventurers. There was a sign board, where various details of the various treks was written and mapped upon.
Lovely environment at Pundrik Rishi lake, Sainj, Kullu with (from left) Ajay, Ankit, Karun and Meeit 

Today it was on almost every kind of news papers of district Mandi(H.P.) that GHNP has been given an UNESCO's world heritage site status. This is a happy news in itself, because the park is a home of so many threatened animal and flaura and fona species.
I think that in today's world, where men has occupied the vast space of the world land, such parks has become a necessity. Man can not start again to live in jungles and also he can not just allow these animals to roam around in the cities.

These parks are the ways to save our ecological system. The only thing that itches a little onto mind is the fact that man has started to take control of almost every aspect of ecology in nature. In order to keep it safe, man has to put the constant efforts, without a break.

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