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Distribution of water

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The distribution pipe system consists of supply mains, sub-mains, branches and laterals.

  • Types of pipe Networks:
Four types of pipe network is generally used. Anyone of which is used one either singly or in combinations for a particular place.
  1. Dead end system : This type of layout may have to be adopted for older towns which have developed in a haphazard manner. This system is suitable for countries which expand irregularly. This is economic system.
  2. Grid Iron System: This system is suitable for well-planned towns and cities. It requires larger number of sluice valves.  This is economically and also equal pressures.
  3. Ring system or circular system: Equal pressure and multiple flow paths.
  4. Radial system.
  • Methods of Distribution of Water:
Water may be forced into distribution system in the following three ways:
  1. Gravitational system
  2. Pumping system or pumping without storage system.
  3. Combined gravity and pumping system called pumping with storage system.
  • Pressure in Distribution system:
Greater the design pressure, the costlier it will be, but will cause more convenience to the consumers.
  • Valves:
  1. Sluice valve or cut-off valve: Used to control flow of water through pipe lines.
  2. Air Valve: Used to release accumulated air in pipe.
  3. Score Valve: Used to remove silt in a pipe line.
  4. Check Valve: Used to prevent entry of pollution into the pure water.
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